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The internationally renowned faculty at the Eli Broad College of Business brings a worldwide perspective to education, preparing students and industry professionals to be competitive, successful leaders. This global approach to business is integrated throughout the curriculum. Students at the Broad School are able to specialize in international business, participate in education abroad programs and become active members in student organizations like the International Business Student Organization. As an additional component to the Broad School's global focus, all students are required to take a course related to international business.

International Business Minor

Undergraduate students who want to increase their understanding of the world and prepare for work in a global marketplace can specialize in International Business. Students take internationally-focused classes with focused on international issues, learn foreign languages and take part in education abroad programs and internships around the world.

Education Abroad/International Opportunities

Students can experience international business first-hand on a Education Abroad program. The Office of Education Abroad has more than 30 programs available for students in the Eli Broad College of Business and with the continuing expansion of global research centers, new doors to international education and experiences will continue to open.

International Student Organization

A student-run organization created to promote a greater understanding of international business and cultural topics through student-led learning experiences.

Students and industry professionals interested in a global perspective can take full advantage of the Broad School's resources, including: the International Business College, Center for International Business Education and Research (MSU-CIBER), the Academy of International Business (AIB) and globalEDGE which provides regional information spanning the globe, diagnostic tools and learning modules.

The Journal for International Business Studies is the leading peer-reviewed, scholarly journal focusing on research that spans the entirety of international business studies.

The Database of International Business Statistics is a current database of international business statistics available for education and for the facilitation of international research.

The Market Potential Index for Emerging Markets is an indexing study conducted by MSU-CIBER to compare emerging markets with each other on eight dimensions.

globalEDGE™ Business Review is a journal that publishes cutting-edge articles on a variety of international business issues, across facing different world areas, industries and management functions.

globalEDGE™ Diagnostic Tools are interactive tools created to train students and businesspeople using twenty years of international business experience and empirical research findings.

globalEDGE™ Academy Modules are interactive educational tools for use in the classroom or in executive training. These modules focus on issues pertinent to international business and are also excellent resources to prepare for the Certified Global Business Professional Credential.