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What Is IBO?

IBO is a student-run organization at Michigan State University that helps students gain an understanding of the many aspects of international business and provide many opportunities and resources available.

Why Should I Join?

The business world is becoming increasingly global. Those who have an understanding of different cultures and the impact of globalization will have an edge in their careers. Whether you want to work abroad, or are just interested in learning more about business outside of the United States, this is the organization for you. ...and if that weren't reason enough to join, we also provide delicious food (not just pizza with two-liters either) at every meeting.

What Types of Events Do You Have?

Because there are many different aspects of international business, IBO offers a wide variety of events to its members. One of our first events will be a social picnic with leaders from companies all over the world. We will also bring in corporate speakers to talk about how to pursue a career abroad, and how globalization has affected domestic careers.

Where Can I Find Out More Information? - is the main site for the International Business Organization.