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Faculty and doctoral students are invited to apply for MSU-CIBER grants to support research that are of importance to international competitiveness of U.S. firms. MSU-CIBER operates on a monthly review cycle, and proposals may be submitted at any time. As a policy, MSU-CIBER supports scholarly activities that have a significant international dimension. All research grant requests that involve international travel must be submitted no later than 45 days prior to departure, due to new federal grant requirements (travel to present at conferences are addressed under the Professional Development Grant section of the grant program). The conditions of grants involving travel include adherence to Travel Regulations (section 70 of the MSU Manual of Business procedures) as well as federal regulations regarding use of CIBER grant funds. The latter include using U.S. carriers and traveling coach/economy class, i.e., not business or first class. Grantees are required to follow the instructions provided on MSU-CIBER Traveler's Checklist.

Online Application

Application Information

Faculty are invited to submit applications for Research Grants to the Center for International Business Education and Research. Funds are available to pursue research projects dealing with any aspects of International Business. However, the research must either directly or indirectly bear on the issue of global competitiveness of U.S. firms.

Applications should include the application form with a narrative proposal, two to five pages in length.

As proposals are reviewed, the first consideration in evaluating a project will be its relevance to U.S. competitiveness in global markets. You are urged to emphasize that aspect of the proposal. All research proposals must include an explanation of "tangible outputs," e.g., conference proceedings, journal articles, papers for the CIBER working paper series, 3-5 page summaries for circulation to business community, which may include publishing the report in the globalEDGE™ Business Review on globalEDGE™, our global business knowledge portal.

Reporting of Results

After a grant is provided and the project completed, a report must be submitted to the Center for International Business Education and Research. The report should include a summary of accomplishments, a brief accounting of how grant funds were actually spent, and a copy of any proposal, manuscript, or other document resulting from the project.

If you have questions or need more information about MSU-CIBER's Professional Development Grant Program, please contact:

Irem Kiyak
Associate Director
International Business Center
Eppley Center
667 N. Shaw Ln Suite 413
East Lansing, Michigan 48824, USA

Online Application

  1. Fill out the following Professional Development Grants Application Form
  2. Press the 'Submit Application' Button at the bottom

Research Grants Application Form

1. Personal Information

2. Proposed Funding Period
3. Project Title/Description

A brief description of the research project.

4. Need
5. Objectives
6. Relevance to Global Competetiveness of U.S. Firms

7. Budget

Provide as detailed and as accurate a budget as possible, noting one or more of the following as appropriate

  1. Faculty release time (specify: term and percent load)
  2. Graduate Assistants
  3. Clerical help
  4. Supplies, printing, etc. (give as much of an accurate estimate as possible of probable costs in this area)
  5. Guest lecturers and consultants (while limited and modest support can be arranged for off-campus consultants, it is hoped that curriculum development projects will draw upon the expertise of on-campus faculty and staff)
  6. Travel (specify: Dates of departure and return, Destination(s), Budget (itemized estimates for transportation, lodging, meals, and any other expenses), Other sources of support (potential as well as committed). Airline carrier and flight number must be submitted if this involves international travel (U.S. airline carriers are required for international travel due to Fly America Act))
  7. Audio-visual materials

8. Personnel Involved
9. Narrative Proposal
10. MSU-CIBER Mission Statement